4 Pros of Painting your Space White

White is one of our favourite paint colours! It's trendy, timeless and will brighten up any space.

Here's our top 4 reasons you should consider painting your space white!

1. You always have a blank slate - if you are one of the many people who have adopted the Marie Kondo lifestyle and seek to achieve minimalism then white is a great choice as it reduces the appearance of clutter in a space. 

2. It can make your space appear larger - if you are working with any type of space restriction, white is a great choice as it can make your room look larger. In addition, white can make a large room look even more grand and airy!

3. It helps clear your mind (but actually) - we could all use a little more calm these days! On a cognitive level, white is very relaxing and calming. This effect in any room in your home is a benefit. 

4. It makes transformation for occasions, holidays, etc. easy - a white space doesn’t clash with anything allowing you to have a bit more fun and flexibility with your decor. It’s easy to swap out throw pillows, chair covers, decor, etc. when you just need a change or for the holidays!

At the end of the day, selecting the right white (or any colour for that matter) can be tough. Our team at Digby like to simplify what can be an over-complicated process with our already curated colour offerings.

Check out our colour cards if you want to see our shades of white in action in your own space, or get more advice from our colour experts through our design support chat. 

Happy painting!


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