Baby on the Way? Here Are Our Top Nursery Hues

Preparing to welcome a new addition to your family is such a special time, and painting your nursery is a great way to get excited about all the amazing experiences you’ll share with your soon-to-be bundle of joy.

Your nursery is the perfect place to have a little fun with colour and patterns, whether you choose a bold, stimulating-for-baby hue, or a serene shade and let accents and toys become the focus. 

 Blues for Baby

Blue Mountain Mural in Nursery

Soft shades of blue are a perfect for your nursery, creating a calming environment for both you and your new addition. Blue is known to reduce anxiety in adults, perfect to soothe you during some of the more stressful moments of parenthood *hello 3am diaper changes*. Blue also has a cooling effect on a room, making it great for promoting sleep for baby. The colours below look great solo or as part of a mural for our more ambitious parents-to-be!



Neutral Room with Colourful Toys

Plant based, Full Moon Party, and Savasana are all excellent choices if you want to create a clean blank canvas that can be paired with absolutely any accent colours you choose. Kids toys are often brightly coloured in order to stimulate their brains and help them develop. In a perfect world these exciting toys would be put away neatly after playtime, but the reality is they’re likely to be permanent fixtures spread throughout the room. Neutrals colours can also provide a perfect backdrop to make imaginative art and accent colour combinations pop.

Plant Based Swatch

Plant Based

Full Moon Party Swatch

Full Moon Party

Savasana Swatch



Peaceful Pastels

Pastel Kid's Room with Toys

We’re so over the days of pink for girls and blue for boys. Soothing pastels like Perfect Sunset, Weekend Drive, Reading by the Fire, and Sleep Till Noon would look great in any nursery, creating a cozy space that you will enjoy as much as your child does.

Perfect Sunset Swatch

Perfect Sunset

Weekend Drive Swatch

Weekend Drive

Reading By The Fire Swatch

Reading By The Fire

Sleep Till Noon Swatch

Sleep Till Noon



Cheery and Colourful

Yellow Nursery with Green Accents

Matcha, Taco Truck and Summer Street Party are upbeat, cheery colours that will give you a boost when you need one, but are subtle enough to not interrupt your baby’s sleepy time. Shades like Matcha and Summer Street Party reflect our instinctual connection with mother nature, encouraging feelings of security in a room. Taco Truck similarly matches great with wood tones when aiming for a vibrant but grounded look.

Matcha SwatchMatcha

Taco Truck Swatch

Taco Truck

Summer Street Party Swatch

Summer Street Party


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Now that you have some colour inspo, check out our blog post on how to prep for a paint job that's as perfect as your new addition.


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