Digby's Holiday Decor Round Up

The holiday season is here! Though things might look a little different this year, decorating your home is an excellent way to keep spirits high and enjoy a much needed change of scenery. Add a little festivity to your life and keep reading to find our most loved decor ideas below.

mantel decorated with blue and silver for the holidays

Put a wreath on it!

How many places in your home can you find to put a wreath… we’ll wait. 

Putting wreaths in non-traditional places in your home is a fun way to sprinkle that festive feel throughout your home. Kitchen cupboard? Put a wreath on it! Door knob? Put a wreath on it! You name it, put a wreath on it!

Kitchen decorated with a wreath and greenery for the holidays


Get inspired by these fun ways to use holiday wreaths in your holiday decor this year!

Wreath used in Hanukkah decorations  Christmas wreaths holiday decor in the window  Christmas wreath on the fireplace. Cozy holiday decor ideas

Your Mantel aka. Santa’s first impression 

Mantel decorated for the holidays with candles

Fresh greens on your mantel have been a hot trend for quite some time, but thinking outside the box of evergreen and into other options presents some unique holiday mantel inspiration! Eucalyptus is a great one not only for aesthetic purposes, but the SMELL - pass the chardonnay, cucumber slices and a robe because that will take your soul to a day at the spa. Hmmm… so will our Spa Day interior paint, so maybe check that out while you’re at it 😉 

eucalyptus boughs with pine for the holidays

Another very unique treatment to your mantle this year is using succulents - many of which you might already have at home and can simply be re-arranged. This is a fun and modern take on the traditional plaid ribbon and pine arrangement that can continue well into the winter months past the holiday season. 

Image of succulents being used in holiday decor


Don’t judge a house by its porch?

Hard not to! Do you walk around your neighbourhood taking notes on people’s porch style? Guilty! In fact, a lot of inspiration can come from this. The holidays are a great time to level up your home decor or DIY expertise and bring your style outdoors for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a few front porch trends for the upcoming holiday season to help inspire you! 

If you’re a minimalist, the clean and modern style will speak to you! 

Holiday wreath and garland with Edison bulb lights for the holidays  Front porch decorated simply for the holidays with greenery


A great road map to your front porch decor is simply ensuring symmetry. If you have a large plant on the left side of the door, balance this with a similar sized item on the opposite side. 

 Dog in front of navy door decorated for the holidays 

This is a more traditional look and feel but the balance achieved makes our eyes happy 😆

Front porch decorated with green and silver and gold for christmas

We hope this round-up has inspired you to turn on some holiday music and pour some eggnog. Don’t go all Scrooge on us! If you need any painting tips or colour suggestions for your home this holiday don’t hesitate to reach out here or use our online Design Support chat feature. We welcome photo examples and tough design problems to tackle! Bring it on.  

Happy holidays from all of us at Digby Paints!


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