Entryway Makeover with Our Uncluttered House

Michele Savage is an Ontario-based home decor blogger, DIY-er, mother, dog-lover and the voice behind Our Uncluttered House. Recently Michele transformed her front entryway with the help of Digby Paints and some other great brands. We wanted to hear more about her journey and design process when starting a new project. Thanks for sharing your insights with us, Michele!

Michele Savage of Our Uncluttered House


Q: Where do you draw inspiration from for your home projects in general? 

A: I honestly just do what I love…I watch a lot of HGTV and love looking at local real estate listings.  I don’t ever like to copy an idea, I like to take something I’ve seen and add my own touch.

BeforeImage of Uncluttered House's entryway makeover before

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Q: When designing a space like the front hallway project you just completed, how do you land on a paint colour?

A: I’m a huge fan of green and have a lot of green touches in my home so naturally I wanted to incorporate it into our entryway.  I was using wallpaper with a dark background so when I was perusing the Digby Paint Chips, “Gone Fishing” immediately jumped out at me and it was the perfect choice.

Q: What is the favourite DIY project you’ve completed and why?

A: We were selected to participate in a Renovation Challenge when Our Uncluttered House was very new back in 2017…we really had no business jumping in but we did!  It was the first time we ever installed floor tile but we were (and still are) so proud of all we accomplished and learned.  Luckily in 2017 we were able to make multiple in person trips to our local hardware store and gather tips and advice from their professionals!


Q: Do you have any advice for those looking to tackle an upcoming painting or DIY project? Anything you’ve learned from your past experiences that you’d like to share?

A: I always recommend doing a little research if you are tackling a project you’ve never done before.  We often jump in headfirst and run into snags…. but nothing YouTube hasn’t been able to get us out of.  For painting, I recommend spending the extra money on good rollers and brushes, it’s totally worth it.  And honestly – the rollers in the Digby Paint Kit are the best I’ve used!

Q: How did you hear about Digby Paints?

A: I first heard about Digby Paints in Chatelaine magazine (my fave mag!), I immediately headed to Google to do some research and loved everything I read!  Canadian founded by women – women with experience in the industry. Mostly however, the whole “deliver to your door” concept which was especially helpful in the middle of a pandemic. Plus, I love the 60 curated colours, for me, it totally simplifies picking our paint colours.

Q: What was your experience like using Digby Paints? Did anything surprise you?

A: I love finding new products, especially Canadian products and I always try a new product with an open mind.  I was immediately amazed at the quality of Digby Paints.  I instantly compared it to the quality a big (and more expensive) brand of paint has.  I like to bring affordable options to my followers and I knew right away I could recommend Digby Paints to them as an affordable and good quality paint.

Q: If you were a Digby Paints colour, what colour would you be?

A: If I were a Digby Paint Colour I think I would be Good Vibes….I like to think that’s what I’m all about!  But I would also currently like to be Road Trip and go just about anywhere!

Q: We know you’re currently tackling a basement renovation - what can you tell us about it?

A: This basement reno is our BIGGEST DIY EVER!   We’ve definitely learned a lot along the way… my husband has put in countless hours to get us to where we are now…. at the painting stage!  We’re finishing this basement as affordably and efficiently as we can.  We’re using products that I can recommend to others like Digby Paints, vinyl plank flooring, affordable plumbing fixtures, right down to finding affordable furniture, textiles and blinds.  I want anyone that follows me to look at what we are accomplishing, on a budget, and know they can do it too.


Q: What house project is next? Tell us about it! 

A: I can only answer this if you promise not to tell my husband… haha!  I think our next project will be our laundry room.  The current layout is very non-functional.  We have a plan to stack our appliances, add some storage – definitely some paint!  It will be an affordable and attainable DIY for sure!


Do you have a great DIY story to share? Let us know by emailing hello@digbypaints.com. We love to celebrate great DIY projects!


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