Need a Boost? Lift Your Mood With These Interior Home Colours

The colours we surround ourselves with can have a big impact on our mood, and our sensory experience has the potential to completely influence the way we feel in a space.

While we love a good grey, beige, and other neutrals, they could often benefit from pop of colour to keep things visually interesting. A little colour in a room can go a long way - as an accent wall, full room colour, or even some accessories dotted throughout your space. 

We’ve gathered a list of our top mood lifting colours to help you break away from greys and taupes and bring some colour to your space in a delightfully uplifting way.

Pretty In Pink

Pink living room with emerald green accents and vibrant plants

Pink shades like Rosé All Day are a perfect way to bring the warm, playful energy that red lends to a space while still maintaining an airy and open feeling. Shades like this evoke feelings of optimism, reminding us of good times (and full glasses) with good friends. 

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Rosé All Day

Colour psychologists have found that pink calms the nerves the longer you look at it, which can relieve feelings of anger and aggression. Rosé All Day will help you bring a little fun into your design- and by extension your everyday life.


Orangey Red- Your New Main Squeeze

Burnt sienna painted living room with wicker accents and cream coloured couch

Another shade on the warmer side of the colour wheel that does wonders for your mood is Fall Getaway. This rich coral hue marries the positive effects of it’s orange undertones with the excitement that comes from it’s red undertones.

Link to Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Fall Getaway

Fall Getaway

Colour experts describe orange as a social colour, which stimulates conversation, communication, and interaction, making this shade perfect for rooms which you entertain guests in.


Be Bold With A Rich Warm Red

Vibrant red dining room with rich wooden table and cream panel accents

Crimson shades- like Digby’s FOMO- are the ultimate energy boosting shades of the colour wheel, conveying passion, strength, and ambition. They are perfect for inspiring you to take on the world.

 Link to Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour FOMO


According to colour psychologists, red is a colour that stimulates appetites; that’s why you’ll find it so often incorporated into the logos of restaurants and grocery stores. This makes colours like FOMO excellent fits for your kitchen or dining room, or anywhere you want to get invigorating conversation flowing.


Sunshine in a Paint Can


image of living room painted with Digby Paints Taco Truck yellow interior home paint

Sunny yellow shades like Taco Truck come out on top when it comes to colours that you can’t help but smile when you see. These shades remind the brain of natural light, and exposure to them is known to improve happiness. They’re also neutral enough to be able to match with a wide variety of other tones, so you’re not limiting yourself in terms of accent decor options.

Link to Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Taco Truck

Taco Truck

Sunny yellows are excellent energizers, which is why you see them so often used in kitchens. They provide a great pick me up for your brain, and will look just as stylish at 6pm as they do at 6am when you’re on your way to the coffee pot.


Go Gold! 

Warm and inviting kitchen with lots of natural wood and golden toned walls

If you love the idea of a mood lifting yellow but aren’t sure you want to commit to something too bright, a golden shade like Wheat Kings could be perfect for you.

 Link to Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Wheat Kings

Wheat Kings

This colour incorporates brown undertones which evoke rich, earthy feelings of comfort and security, while still providing the lift and energy that a brighter yellow would.


Ground Your Space 🧘‍♂️

peaceful Matcha coloured living room with cream and dark wood accents

Earthy greens like Matcha are perfect for making your space feel more connected to nature, which can help reduce feelings of anxiety when you step into a room.

 Link to Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Matcha


These shades have the bonus of being in the middle of the colour spectrum, acting as the bridge between warm and cool shades. This means that you have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to accent colours and you can easily switch each season or with your own changing taste.


Chase Away Your Blues With a Party in Ibiza

Relaxing living room with natural light and charcoal couches

Last on our list of ultimate mood boosting colours are deep pastel blues like Party In Ibiza, which is guaranteed to provide a sense of calm, stability and tranquility in whatever design it is included in.

Link to Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Party In Ibiza

Party In Ibiza

Blues like Party In Ibiza have also been linked to productivity, which means whether you’re writing the next great canadian novel or grinding out a very important jigsaw puzzle, you’ll have the focus you need to kill it at everything you attempt.


For more inspiration on choosing the perfect paint colour for your space, check out our blog on how to choose a paint colour. Or, if you have all the inspiration you need, check out our curated collection of premium interior wall paint now! 

Questions? We’re always here to help! Just send us an email at or chat with us online.

Happy Painting!



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