4 Hues You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Spring

There’s so much about spring that brings joy - new beginnings, warmer weather, more daylight - we could go on and on! It’s the perfect time of year to create a fresh new look for your home.

Our surroundings have a huge effect on our moods and outlook on life, and what better way to set the tone for the months to come than a good spring clean and a fresh coat of paint.

We’ve rounded up our favourite colours that you’ll be seeing everywhere this season.  They’re sure to be a flawless backdrop to your spring refresh!


Best Judy 

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Best Judy
Cactus sitting in front of a wall painted with Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Best Judy

Get your lavender fix before the flower itself blooms in late spring with Best Judy. This versatile colour can shine as the life of the party in full sunlight, but transforms to be more muted and peaceful in lower light thanks to it’s grey undertones. 

Smokey lavender tones like Best Judy are perfect for creating a peaceful vibe while still being visually interesting and adding a little bit of personality to any colour scheme. This shade is one of our go to’s for creating an elegant, inviting space.


Stepping Stones

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Stepping Stones
Framed map of Hamilton's Kirkendall North hung on a wall painted with Digby Paint's premium interior wall paint in colour Stepping Stones

This delicate pebble grey shade is consistently one of our top selling hues.

Stepping Stones earned its spot on our Spring trends list as a great shade for balancing brighter pops of pastel colours. It’s also a solid choice year round as you swap around your accessories with the seasons, creating a whole lot of looks you’ll never tire of.


Sunshine Stroll

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Sunshine Stroll
Vibrant green plant in front a wall painted with Digby Paints premium interior wall paint in colour Sunshine Stroll

Sunshine Stroll is at the top of our list for versatile spring colours. This subtle sun kissed off-white shade with subtle pink undertones brings a little bit of energy to a room while still being timeless. The warm undertones in Sunshine Stroll totally remind us of those first couple adventures in the sun after months of ‘freeze your face off’ weather, sparking joy and optimism in any space. 

We love Sunshine Stroll especially as a warm backdrop with a crisp white trim (check out our Snow Angel Semi-Gloss Trim Paint). This is an awesome combo that creates a classy but approachable vibe that will make your home seem warm and welcoming.


Full Moon Party 

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Full Moon Party
Decorative bowls placed in front of a while painted with Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Full Moon Party

The options for white paint are endless and can be one of the most overwhelming shades to select given the subtle differences an undertone in white can create. Full Moon Party, a beautiful warm white with a hint of creamy undertones, creates a rich pleasant backdrop for any space.

Full Moon Party is another great shade we love for its classic versatility, meaning you can continue to switch up your decor over time without needing to paint a new hue.


Don’t stop at spring cleaning this year, grab a paintbrush and refresh your entire vibe with a new hue on the walls, and get ready for new beginnings and good memories that the coming months will bring. 

For more inspiration, check out our favourite mood boosting colours for paint colours that will have you smiling every time you see them. 


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