Three 2021 Decor Trends That Might Surprise You

We love a good decor trend! Here are three of our favourites that we think might surprise you.

1. Grandma-Chic! Grandmillennial Style is here! 

 Dramatic floral wallpaper provides a background to muted seating area, accented with fresh flowers

Before you roll your eyes, hang tight. 

After a quick Google search, it’s easy to see examples of this trend in action: everything from grandma-chic fashion, apartment tours and online quizzes to determine if you’re a “grandmillennial.”

What came to mind right away for us here at Digby was the popular 90s rom-com “You’ve Got Mail.” Meg Ryan’s New York City apartment in this movie is a great example of a grandma-chic aesthetic with its feminine touches of floral fabric, quilts and curved furniture pieces. It's cozy, warm and welcoming – and as it turns out, timeless!

Bedroom with blue and pink floral wallpaper accent wall

Feeling inspired to tap into your inner Nonna?! Want to start cross stitching? If you’re ready to take on this trend in one of your rooms at home, we have some colour suggestions that will work with any grandma-inspired décor.

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Weekend Drive

Weekend Drive

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Sunshine Stroll

Sunshine Stroll

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party

These are great muted feminine colours ready for your splash of floral fabric, vintage vases and curved lines.


2. Earthy Desert Vibes

Earthy bedroom design accented by SouthWestern style colourful pillows


Perhaps the easiest place in your home to introduce a palette and aesthetic like this one is a bedroom. What we love about this trend, especially as we look ahead to a long winter here in Canada, is the ability to really escape within a space in your home. 

Earthy bedroom decor featuring woven baskets and pampras grass 

Dig this vibe? Us too! An easy way to achieve this look in your home is with interior paint, either a simple accent wall or a whole new colour palette. Here are Digby’s colours that will take your space to the wild west.


Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Dune Surfing

Dune Surfing

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Jazzquarium



As seen in many of the above photos, a clean white slate with pops of burnt orange, burgundy or deep teal is one way to achieve this look however, it does require a heavier investment in pieces like area rugs and furniture. A great bright white from our collection is Snow Angel. Two colours we recommend for those of you who want more colour is our Dune Surfing (how appropriate) and our Jazzquarium.


3. Calling all Plant Lovers! 

Young woman typing on laptop surrounded by houseplants

Indoor house plants have become widely popular over the past few years, but with more people at home in 2020 and moving into 2021, this décor trend is set to continue well into 2021. Having a collection of house plants to tend to is one way to pass time, ha! Not to mention, you can even hire a plant stylist for your home now if you need some expert advice. Here is a look at how the outdoors is coming inside.

Stylish living room centered by a cozy brown suede couch accented by greenery and house plants 

 An easy way to style a minimal and modern room is with plenty of plants, white walls and warm textures like wood, linen or jute. Our white collection gives you the ability to select from whites with warm undertones, cool undertones, bright whites, greige whites and more. Here are just a few of our most popular whites that we think would serve as great backdrops for your indoor greenery.

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Savasana


Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Fresh Powder

Fresh Powder

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Matcha



We’d love to hear from you! Any trends upcoming in 2021 we missed? Plan on incorporating any of the above trends in your home this year? Hit us up on social. We’d love to hear about your upcoming house inspiration for the new year.


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