Trend Watch: You’ll Be Seeing These Colours Everywhere in 2021

With last year in our rear view it’s time to look forward and make the most out of 2021! 

Whether you’ve spent the last few months reimagining your home workspace or can’t wait to get started on your next DIY project, we’ve created a list of awesome colours you’ll be seeing everywhere this year. 

While there are some tried and true colours on our 2021 trend list, there are some bolder choices as well. Colour trends this year are all about creating a space you feel calm, comfortable and will spark creativity. From full room colours to subtle changes in decor, make your space 2021 approved with these trendy hues!

Worth Their Weight In Gold

Image of kitchen painted with Digby's Taco Truck Yellow Living Room Featuring Warm Tan Tones with Yellow Accents  

Taco Truck and Dune Surfing are top contenders for our trendiest colours of 2021. These sunny shades evoke optimism and positivity, and are perfect for bringing freshness and warmth to your home. 

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Taco Truck
Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Dune Surfing

Yellow gives us vibes of warm natural light, helping our brains relax and connect with our environment, without being too overwhelming in a space. 


Be Bold

Stylish Bedroom Design With Digby Paints Road Trip Accent Wall  Stylish Bar Cart and Modern Art with Digby Paints Road Trip Painted Background

Colours like Road Trip; an eye catching grey-teal combo, and The Hammer; a blackened mineral green, are our home decor must haves in 2021. These shades are cool enough to be calming while still bringing some much needed energy to whatever space they’re used in.

Link to Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Road Trip
Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour The Hammer

 We get it, not everyone is comfortable outside of the box when it comes to interior design, but these hues are perfect to dip a toe in for those looking to broaden their horizons and make an impression, or can be used expertly by a seasoned colour pro!


Go Grey

Modern Living Room Design Painted with Digby Paints Stargazing Wall Paint  Peaceful Living Room Design with Beachy Couch and Decor

Last year may have given us all a few grey hairs (either real or in spirit), but we’re re-imagining grey this year in the most stylish way possible. Greys like Murder Mystery and Stargazing are bold and powerful, and remind us not to be afraid to make a statement! These greys are anything but boring, but can have an overall soothing and calming effect. 

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Murder Mystery
Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Stargazing

These hues are stylishly chic and can turn a drab room into an absolute showstopper, ready to be the backdrop for a year full of memories and personal growth.


Bring Balance to 2021

Bright and Airy Kitchen With Digby Paints Savasana Walls and City View Cupboard Paint Image of kitchen painted with Savasana

Named after the peaceful resting pose that often comes at the end of a yoga practice, Savasana is sure to bring calm and relaxation to your home with the tiniest hint of warmth. Fresh off-white shades like Savasana help create balance in a home, setting the stage for bold accent colours- while still shining as a stand alone decor statement. 

 Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Savasana


This is a shade that is essential to our 2021 collection, lending a little zen to the more exciting colours in the lineup. This hue provides balance in any space it’s featured in, pairing perfectly with lots of foliage and greenery. 


Keep the inspiration going and read about our fav design trends of the year that might just surprise you, or shop our 2021 collection and get your new look started today!


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