Everything you need to know about paint finishes (in under 3 minutes)

Diving into a project can be pretty intense, especially if you haven’t painted for a while, or if it’s your first time tackling a painting project. We’ve got your back! 

We’re here to kick industry jargon to the curb as we breakdown the top paint finishes. Let’s dig in!

When talking about paint sheen in general, the finish name refers to the glossiness of the paint when it dries. The glossier the finish, the more light reflects off of it - think nail polish or a shiny car. 

High Gloss Finish

Shiny Red Nail Polish Glossy Orange Car
At the other end of the spectrum is matte finish - think matte makeup powder or an unpolished stone.

Matte Finish

Matte Pebbles Matte Ivory Foundation

Paint finishes from the dullest to the shiniest, are matte, eggshell, satin, silk, semi-gloss and high gloss. The less light that a finish reflects, the fewer imperfections it shows.

In the past, the glossier the finish, the more durable and washable the product. With advanced formulations in premium paint technology, matte finishes are as durable as semi-gloss finishes and can be used in humid areas (which was previously not recommended). High-fives for that!

Now, let’s dig into Digby’s finishes - wall paint for walls and trim paint for trim.

Low Lustre Eggshell- A finish so fabulous we built our business on it! 

Room With Mirror Eggshell

An eggshell finish is a fan fav of professionals and DIYers alike due to its coverage, ease of application, and classic finish. To keep things simple, at Digby we refer to our low-lustre eggshell finish as Wall Paint as it is the ideal finish for most interior spaces in a home. 

This formula has a low sheen (or low gloss level) to it so it works well at hiding the small imperfections that most walls have (think old nail holes or small bumps or cracks), but it’s also formulated to be both durable and washable to stands up to normal daily wear and tear. 

Semi-Gloss - Another tried and true finish!

Hand Painting Semi-Gloss Trim White

We love the sheen that semi-gloss provides to create a small but complementary contrast to your Digby paint job perfectly when applied to trim, furniture, and cabinets. 

Like a more glossy finish? This finish looks great on walls too if that’s the look you love! 


Primer on Dark Grey Wall

Great news! Our paint is paint + primer. However, you do need primer as a base coat when you’re painting new drywall or wood surfaces (like fresh trim or furniture), or if your walls are stained, damaged or if you’re making a significant colour change. 

Primer is formulated to create better adhesion as well as seal surfaces. For most previously painted spaces you’ll be able to get complete coverage from 1-2 coats of any of our paint. 

Now that you’re in the loop on our Wall, Trim + Primer paint finishes you’re ready to tackle your project!

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