Four Easy + Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Home (Hint: Painting is at the Top of the List)!

1) A Fresh Coat of Paint!

You can completely transform your home with something as simple as a can of paint. On a large scale, such as a living room or kitchen, a neutral colour palette is a good place to start as these hues tend to be more timeless, allowing you to play with colour and trends through decor like throw pillows or art. 

For rooms like a powder room, office or bedroom try to have a bit more fun with your choices, picking a shade that reflects your style or the tone you want to create for the space such as a bright or bold palette. 

Neutral Colours

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Plant Based
Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Savasana
Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Yoga Retreat
Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Full Moon Party

Bright and Bold

Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Rose All Day
Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Taco Truck
Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour The Hammer
Digby Paints premium interior wall paint colour Slippery When Wet


2) Paint Your Cabinets

Painting your cabinets can have a big impact on your space, but doing it right can be a time investment. The success of the project relies mostly in the prep work - you should alway clean your cabinets thoroughly as well as sanding and priming them before painting.

For the best results, we suggest using our semi-gloss finish which has slightly more durability for frequently-used surfaces such as cabinets. Also be sure you leave each coat of primer and paint to dry overnight. After you have finished painting, we also recommend leaving them for 10-14 days before use to ensure your new look has cured fully. 

Don’t be surprised if your cabinets need a few coats, patience is a virtue! Try to remember the rewards of this transformation, a true make-over for your space. 

Here’s a great before and after from one of our customers - what a transformation! A fresh coat of cabinet paint can change the feel of your entire kitchen.


Mismatched Wooden Floors and Kitchen Cabinets  Medium Tone Wooden Kitchen Cabinets


Stylish Mint Kitchen Drawers with Sleek Modern Handles  Updated Airy Kitchen With Stylish Painted Cabinets


3) New Outlets, Light Switches or Door Handles

Light switch on the gray textured wall next to the door with metallic handle


Updating the fixtures in your home is a great way to set the design tone for your home aesthetic. For example, if you live in an older home, you might want to source original pieces such as ornate door knobs or switch plates. If you live in a newer home, you might want to upgrade your builder grade fixtures for something ultra modern such as matte black or antique bronze. Here is a great round-up from The New York Times on where you can find stylish items like these, both new and old!


4). De-clutter!

Organized Clothing Drawer


If you’ve watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo or Get Organized with The Home Edit (checkout their 14-day mini edit here from early 2020), you know where we’re going with this one. By either purging items that aren’t being used anymore or investing the time to find an appropriate space for everything in your home, you will be improving not only the look and feel of each room, but the functionality as well. Implementing organizing systems can also lead to less stress in your life (added bonus)!

Looking for more DIY inspiration? Check out these five DIY painting projects you can tackle in a weekend, or shop our curated collection of premium interior paint here.


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