Simply The Perfect Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint can change the entire look and feel of your space! Follow this simple guide to help ensure you get great results and create a look you love!

Step 1: Prep

Woman using painter's tape to prepare wall

A great paint job starts with properly preparing your space.

Prep - First, put on your favourite playlist to help get you in the painting mood. Then, move your furniture away from the walls. Place your drop cloth on the floor where you intend to start painting. Remove light switch and outlet covers.

Fill - Be sure you fill any holes with spackle. Let them dry completely and then sand them for a smooth finish.

Clean - Ensure your walls are clean. Dust, vacuum and wipe down surfaces to be painted.

Tape - Place tape around anything you don't want to get paint on! This can include all trim/baseboards, electrical outlets, light switches, and doorknobs.

Taping Tips - To apply the tape, use longer strips of tape (around 2 feet long). Rest the corner of tape along the trim or area you are protecting, creating a straight line as you go. Secure the piece using your fingernail to apply pressure to adhere the tape to the surface.

Step 2: Paint

Woman painting green W on wall

Prime - Great news, most jobs don’t require primer with Digby Paints. When to prime? New drywall, a dramatic colour change and surfaces that have extensive patching.

Brush - Taking the angled paintbrush, apply paint around the borders of the walls and any outlets or light switches (or other places your roller won't fit). You should use the tip of the brush to get as close to the trim as possible without painting it.

Roll - To get started, fill the deep end of your tray with paint, pouring directly from the can. Use the paintbrush to wipe off any excess paint. Dip the roller into the paint. Pull the roller back up and down the tray base 3-5 times to fill the roller with paint. Then, make a line that is approximately 3 feet in length. Continue rolling making a “W” on the wall. Roll from the top edge of the “W” to the bottom, filling in the “W” as you go. Expand and cover the entire wall with the “W” pattern. Ensuring you roll right up to your cut lines.

Repeat - Allow the paint to dry completely. Although our paint feels dry to the touch after 1-2 hours, it is recommended that you wait at least 3-4 hours before applying your second coat.

Step 3: Done

Take It Off - We mean the tape! Remove tape when you are finished painting, ideally before the wall dries completely (after your second coat). Carefully pull the tape away at a 45- degree angle.

Clean Up - Remove any paint from brushes and rollers. Clean with soap and warm water. Wash until water runs clear. Dry completely before storing.

Relax - Move your furniture back into place and take a break, you deserve it! It’s time to enjoy your freshly painted space and start planning your next paint project.

Woman relaxing in beautifully painted space

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