Get the most out of your colour cards

Our stickable paint swatch colour cards allow you to test your colour in various locations around your room with no mess or hassle.

Here are some of our top tips to get the most out of your samples!

  • Experiment – Move the sample to different locations within your space.
  • Furnishings- Look at how the colour works with other existing colours in the room. Hold the samples up to furniture to see how the colours work together.
  • Light - Look at the sample at different times of day so you can see how it looks. Place in darker corners and near a window to see how the colour changes.
  • Ask your friends - Snap some photos of your swatches in action and share with your friends to see what they think!
  • Express yourself - Ultimately the colour in your home is an expression of you, so as long as you feel good about your colour selection, there are no wrong answers.

We have colour cards for all of our paint colours. Check out our awesome colour selection.

Have fun!


About Us

Digby Paints is Canada's first online paint store. Skip the trip to the hardware store and shop Digby Paints’ premium paint and curated colour palette online. Consider your colour options from the comfort of your couch with our hassle-free colour cards. We’ll ship everything you need (including supplies!) right to your door.

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