Tools for the perfect paint job

Deciding to paint a room in your home (or your entire house!) is exciting, but after you’ve decided on your colours, determining all the supplies you’ll need can be daunting and using the right tools will positively impact your final results.

Fear not! We’ve done the work for you and have created a list of the top tools you need for your next paint project.


Digby Paints high quality painter's tape being put on the wall

When prepping to paint your space, tape is one of the most important materials you can buy. It helps you create clean lines and makes your final result look more professional. However, be wary - not all tape is created equal though, some can leave a sticky film, won’t come off easily, or may not seal the edge appropriately, meaning your clean lines no longer look so crisp. Essentially you should tape around anything you don’t want to get paint on – typically that’s your trim, sidewalls if you’re painting an accent wall, ceiling and all outlets and light covers.



Digby Paints high quality roller and roller cover being used to paint a wall yellow 

One of the key features of a great roller frame is a comfortable grip and good bearings (meaning the roller head will roll easily for a smooth finish). Our 9.5-inch roller frame is perfect to help you roll paint onto walls and ceilings quickly and efficiently while maximizing comfort.



Digby Paints high quality roller and roller cover in painting tray with Matcha premium interior paint colour 

Roller covers may all seem the same, but don’t be fooled! Using the right roller cover can make a big difference. We recommend using a microfiber roller cover to help you achieve results. Microfiber roller load more paint than a standard or traditional polyester cover, for more wall coverage with less work! It also produces better results when painting with acrylic latex paints, is lint free, and is built to create a great finish regardless of your skill level as a painter.



Digby Paints drop cloth for interior painting

Using a drop cloth protects your floors and furniture. No matter how carefully you paint, there is always the risk of small drips or splatter on your floor or furniture. Covering your floor with a drop cloth means you don’t have to be as concerned about any small spills and can focus on the job at hand!  It makes clean up faster too.



Digby Paints high quality paint brush for interior paints 

Ah, the paint brush! A key tool in any painter’s toolbelt to “cut in”. “Cutting in” is the process of using a paint brush to reach the areas that are too tight for rollers to reach. Typically, this includes the ceiling line, wall corners, light switches and along baseboards or trim. We suggest using a 2” sash brush with a 100% polyester head, long handle and angled tip to give you a light weight brush with great control and comfort. Weight, grip comfort and quality are important things to consider when buying a brush. A cheaply made brush can often have bristles fall out or produce more pronounced brush marks on your beautifully painted wall. Ugh, no thanks.



 Digby Paints high quality roller tray for interior painting

While you might not think much about the paint tray you choose, it does serve an important purpose in the painting process – holding your paint! A tray with a ribbed rolling area is important to help you load your roller evenly, but one of the biggest things to focus on is the sturdiness of the tray – the last thing you want is to have it tip or dump over! Metal trays are generally the most stable options, and if cleaned properly can be recycled* or even kept and reused for future paint projects!

*check with your city to find out if they collect paint trays as part of their usual recycling collection 



Image of Digby Paints paint tray liner for easy clean up 


Paint tray liners allow for easy (disposable) clean up and enable you to switch colours quickly without needing to clean out your tray. Just pop in a new liner and you’re ready to go!



Digby Paints extension pole


Hit those hard to reach places without climbing on a ladder (or let’s be honest, a chair or nearby table) with a handy extension pole! Definitely the safer option, an extendable pole lets you reach higher and cover your walls faster without the extra effort of climbing up and down.


There you have it, a list of the top tools we suggest for your next paint project! Check out our curated selection of premium painting tools so you don’t have to sweat the details of which one to buy for your next painting project. 

Questions? We’re always here to help! Just send us an email at or chat with us online. Happy Painting!


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