Masterbuilt 10 LITER XL Electric Fryer, Boiler, Steamer

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Make sure your family is eating well this holiday season by using the Butterball XL 10 Liter Electric Countertop 3 in-1 Fryer, Boiler, and Steamer by Masterbuilt. The extra-large capacity allows you to cook enough food for the entire family or tailgating visitors. Fry up a turkey, steam up some veggies or boil all the potatoes. This bad boy shows off a large basket to accommodate a single 20-pound turkey. You'll have plenty of room for a full meal in the included cooking basket. Set the rotary dial to your preferred temperature and let the cooker fry up a batch of fried pickles. Once your salty snack is ready, use the lifting hook to remove your food safely. With handy drain clips, you can also lift the basket out of the oil and let the excess grease drip off. Using a third less oil, enjoy your favorite fried treats with a little less guilt. Become a professional cook at home using a single kitchen appliance, the Masterbuilt Butterball XL 10 Liter Electric 3 in 1 Fryer, Boiler, and Steamer.