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Premium quality paint. Can’t-go-wrong colours. All the supplies you need. Shipped right to your door.

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We're fixing the way you shop for paint.

Don't spend your Saturday at a big box store, under horrible fluorescent lighting, overwhelmed by choice - colour, finish, quality - shop online with Digby. It's easy.

We've fixed the paint shopping experience. No wandering around the store trying to find someone to help you, or killing time while you wait for them to mix your paint. Save yourself from multiple trips to the store after you realize you forgot something. 

We’ve been there too, and we saw an opportunity to make this process better!

We ship colour samples, premium quality paint and all the supplies you need right to your door. 

Order everything you need, without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Or putting on pants (we won't tell!)

We KNOW you've got better things to do with your time.

That's why we've simplified the way you buy paint.

We’ve curated a palette of can’t-go-wrong colours and will ship you premium quality paint and all the supplies you need, right to your door. Hassle free.

So, you can get back to "Saturday-ing" the way you want.

The easiest way to buy paint. Period.

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