Colour Matching

We offer colour matching across most other popular paint brands. Input the Brand, Colour, and Finish information below and we’ll match the colour for you in Digby premium paint + deliver it to your door.

One important thing to note - paint finish does vary by brand, so we don’t recommend this method for small touch-ups. Existing paint may change over time and touch-up paint will be visible, so if you’re looking to match a previously painted colour in your home it’s always best to repaint an entire wall at a time!

Financing available on orders over $100 with paybright. Full details at payment.


“The convenience of shopping from home was nice. I liked that the amount of colours to choose from as it was not overwhelming as opposed to the paint stores where you have too many to choose from.”

- Marlene V., Hamilton, Ontario

“As someone who has visited a paint store countless times trying to figure out which of their 100s of colours would look good in my space, I found Digby’s smaller and carefully picked selection of colours a dream come true!”

- Melanie W., Oakville

“It exceeded my expectations!”

- Tara S., Hamilton

“I was impressed with the quality of paint and the supplies were amazing. I was not expecting that. I had a fantastic experience.”

- Ashley D. Binbrook, ON